Artichoke Lounge brought to you by Markian

Bold, Modern, Minimal: exactly what you can expect from Markian.
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about a magazine?

The Artichoke cover showcases exactly what’s beneath its surface. Formulaic in nature, a hero image and its corresponding texture is wrapped in a colour-saturated cover, accented with the iconic Artichoke lettering. This blueprint is what makes Artichoke so distinctive and enticing. Drawing upon the elements of the Artichoke cover – hue, texture, and form – and translating them into a physical space has been the inspiration for the Markian x Artichoke Lounge. We’ve collaborated with some of Australia’s biggest suppliers, Dulux, Marblo, Forbo and Laminex, to showcase and reflect the best Australia has to offer in interior design.

Lead Designer: Roz de Waal, Markian

The Inspiration

Taking cue from both the Australian landscape, and Artichoke cover colours, the colour palette feels iconically Australian, which feels fitting considering Artichoke is one of Australia’s most respected interior architecture and design magazine. Beginning with Dulux’s Russet Tan, inspired by issue 75, we’re taken on a journey to Australia’s red centre where Uluru, and the iron-rich rusting rocks create the red dirt so synonymous with our country. From there, we see the colour of issue 70, and Dulux Treeless, in the pink of the saline Lake Hellier, in the breasts of the native Galah, the clay of the earth, and splashed across the sky at sundown.

Australia’s lush, leafy rainforests, eucalyptus leaves, and green pastures made Dulux Black Water and issue 60 the next obvious choice. And finally, influenced by issue 60 we settled on Dulux’s Vast Escape, evoking our beautiful beaches and the relentless sunshine that Australia is known for. With this in mind, we created a custom Marblo by Markian material, consisting of a smattering of chips in this colour palette, which is used as a subtle thread throughout the space.
These colours will each feature on one of the seating options of the stand, a circular bench with a central pillar, a half arch that can be lounged on, a half circle with upholstery and space to place merchandise and an arch way with perchs that allow for a delineation from the lounge area and the coffee station.

Akin to the cover of Artichoke, we’ve utilised different textures and finishes to further enhance the sensory experience of the space. Juxtaposing luxuriously soft Warwick fabrics with smooth, hard colour drenched highlights the same contrasting qualities of the gloss and satin on Artichoke’s cover. The archway between the logo will be clad in Laminex Burnt Ochre. This archway will feature space to stack Artichoke releases and will tie into the ‘cover’ behind.

Looking at the Artichoke typography as reference, the cut-off ‘O’ on the cover is a familiar motif for the Markian brand. The namesake of our inaugural range, Vieira, meaning scallop in Spanish, has seen us interpret the different elements of the shell throughout the collection. This overlap between Artichoke and Markian has informed the smooth arches, symmetry, and grooved edges found in the furniture and custom pieces of the stand.

Markian has taken this design intent further with Issue 77’s Dulux Pax inspired hue on the wallpaper, featuring the magazine masthead with subtle textural elements to inspire and delight.

Left: Markian Founders: Justin Barrett, Chris Mckenzie, Roz de Waal and Andrew Barrett

Right: Vieira – Spanish for scallop. Markian’s inaugural range features the same shape as the Artichoke spliced ‘o’ making the connection between brand and magazine aesthetically coherent.

Brought to you by:

Barrett Group (stand build partner), Unlmtd Agency (Graphic Design Sponsor ) and Shann (Wallpaper Sponsor )