Collarts Entrance Feature: Enter Curious

Exclusive higher education partner Collarts Interior Design (Bachelor of Arts) students will be designing and building the show entrance feature as well as displaying their work in the Collarts Lounge. This project connects students with exhibiting brands allowing them to work on ‘real’ projects, develop a very strong portfolio while studying and a rare opportunity to be immersed in innovative local and international design, surrounded by the industry’s best.

Lead Designer: Chantelle McIntyre

Chantelle’s design was the chosen final design for the event entrance.

The Inspiration

“The inspiration behind the entrance feature was the impact the Covid 19 pandemic had on the design industry. As a new designer, finding inspiration had become truly difficult. Being confined to my home, I struggled to find tactile and creative motivation, was unable to connect with industry professionals or visit showrooms.

In 2022, Interiors Australia + DENFAIR is well placed to be an exciting re-emergence for many in the design industry, and to once again be able to have those tactile experiences we’ve all missed over the past 2 years. My hope for the visitors of Interiors Australia + DENFAIR is as they enter through the arch, is that they “Enter Curious” and “Leave Inspired”. The inspiration for the profile is “Home” as our homes were a safe haven and we relied on our communities throughout the past 2 years, therefore the three house profile represents both home and community.”