KBDi Kitchen Competition

KBDi in collaboration with Interiors Australia, launched a kitchen design competition for the inaugural Melbourne event. Members were encouraged to prepare a concept design showcasing both the skills of a design professional and the products and materials of key partners.

The challenge was to design a kitchen space to feature selected products from Austaron, Forest One, Blum, Bosch and Greens Tapware. A six-metre by six-metre square will serve as their footprint, and an 18-metre ceiling height (11.5-metre hanging height) will add volume to the space. The extra catch? It must be built within 2 days.

The Winner: Tutti Frutti by TK Design

The Inspiration

Step back in time, to the 1950s. This design emulates happy days at a milk bar. Be drawn to an assortment of pastel tones in ForestOne’s range, including ‘Apricot Nude’ and ‘Saffron Yellow’. To top it off, Austaron’s acrylic terrazzo finish ‘Confection’ was the obvious choice for table top and splash back.

Hero Products

A Mario Romano acrylic curved wall is the dramatic focal point to the design. Back-lit with cutting edge RGD lighting by Wilson & Bradley, it features the ‘honeycomb’ and ‘flame’ designs in contrasting Austaron colours. Standing at an impressive 3.6m tall and 1.8m wide this is sure to be an eye-catching piece.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the space by opening every door and drawer, to truly experience all the Blum hardware our display has to offer.

New products by Bosch, Greens Tapware and Lo & Co Interiors are also featured. Don’t forget to look up to see our bespoke “Lamdelier” which will be constructed by the accomplished team at Kitchens by Peter Gill with striking segments of Forest One laminate.

Feature Partners