Panic Room

Feeling overwhelmed from the barrage of stalls? Inbox filling up with emails? The sheer volume of information we are expected to digest every day is forever increasing – and the attention we give to direct & live communication, collaboration and our conscious self is continually diminishing.

The ‘Panic Room’ is not a trade fair stall, it’s a space created for guests to escape and relax.

The Inspiration

Panic Room removes you from the typical trade fair offering – the influx of information, technology and stimuli – and looks to provide opportunity for collaborative immersion in an environment deliberately disengaged from the crowds, noise and bustle, reconnecting you to nature and encouraging one-on-one communication.

Drop your phone into the ‘Camp-Fire’ for charging, settle into a beanbag and just … chill out. Strike up conversation with your friends & colleagues in an environment filled with soothing colour and space. Take time to observe how your mood alters with the changing light and how this enhances your interaction with both your creative thoughts and your colleagues. Just leave your phones alone – please.

Experience it in person at Interiors Australia Melbourne, 2022

The Hero Products

Electrolight collaborative partners Newmat have provided their signature stretch fabrics, along with the stall fabrication, enhanced with lighting provided by Litesource. The stretch fabric elements include both translucent light transmitting, translucent printed and opaque reflective mirror to create an aesthetic that transcends the immediate volume, a connection to nature and our relationship with light.
Litesource have provided RGBW light sources and controls which provide sensory immersion to envelop the space and enhance energy, clarity of thought, creativity and collaboration.